Work day #3 at RV Central

RV-1 Work Day #3 at RV-Central
Work Day #3 was another FUN and PRODUCTIVE day at "RV Central"! Many familiar and a few new faces tackled a variety of tasks… fuel tank mounted, new fuel valve and hoses installed, firewall patch and new bulkhead fitting installed, new battery box fabricated, control stick re-worked and installed, throttle cable bracket reinforced, trial fit of new canopy, seat frame painted and plywood patterns for new cushions fabricated and installed, and possibly the highlight of the day was the completion of all control connections to the empennage. Thanks to the groups of volunteers who have generously donated their time and expertise, restoration of the "VanGrunsven RV-1" to flying condition is fast becoming a reality!

Also deserving of special recognition are the many individuals and companies who have generously given financial and product support to the project. Without their generosity, this historical aircraft might well have been lost forever. To everyone involved… Job well done!

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