RV-1 Tour – skipping KCSG

First stop: Sun-n-Fun. You can View Larger Map too !

SPOT the RV-1

Current Tour Schedule for the RV-1

ID Event Name
March 3rd T67 Vendor & Volunteer
Appreciation Day
March 12 thru 16 08A Chapter 822 Event
March 17 thru 18 KCSG Thunder in the Valley
March 27 thru 31 KLAL Sun’n'Fun
March 31st 7FL6 EAA Chapter 288
April 3rd KSAV EAA Chapter meeting
April 15th KCUB EAA
Chapter 242 
April 20 thru 22 KVUJ North Carolina RV Formation
Clinic (KVUJ)
April 28 & 29 KSFQ Virginia Regional Festival of
May 1st VA42 Dogwood EAA meeting (EAA 1099)
May 3rd KFDK Chapter 528 meeting
May 5th KHGR Maryland Festival of Flight
May 6th KPTW Pottstown Fly-In Cookout
May 12th KHFD EAA Young Eagle event
May 13th KLWM EAA 106 meeting
May 19th CCW4 Stanley Sport Aviation Fly-In
May 26th CYQG RV Fly-In
May 28th 3C1 Informal gathering
May 29th KLXT Informal gathering
May 30th KBJC Informal gathering
May 31st KOGD Informal gathering
June 1st KRTS Informal gathering
June 8 thru 10 KMYV Golden West Fly-In
June 23rd CYNJ Langley Flyin
July 7th 7S3 EAA105 Breakfast
July 11 thru 15 KAWO Arlington Fly In
July 23 thru 29 OSH AIRVENTURE

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