Engine Install

Over at Jennings County High School the students and mentors are making good progress and will soon order the avionics kit.  Hanging the engine was a real milestone, and it went on this past week.  Most systems are finished are nearly so.

Interest in expanding Eagle’s Nest to other schools is one of the amazing aspects of this first project. We had a visitor from the Seattle area that is interested in starting a project!

We are in training with the Patriot Academy and there is much interest among the students, enough that there will be many more applicants than student/builder slots open.  We will be testing some of the systems we have developed during the building of Eagle’s Nest One, including a refined parts storage system especially designed for the RV-12.  We are planning on each build being easier and better than the one before it, with the learning potential improving as well. The parts storage system will remove a large source of frustration and loss of time.

We are off for a week due to spring break.

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