A tale of two brothers

April 7th was the first meeting of the builders of Eagle’s Nest One (Jennings County High School) and Eagle’s Nest Two (Patriot Academy). About a dozen of the builders from the Patriot Academy came and observed, and got a chance to see a real, live, flying RV-12, courtesy of Dr. Jeff Emmrick of Indianapolis. His was the first RV-12 built in Indiana. Everyone enjoyed the day, but …

The big story was that of the Wooton Brothers. Just prior to completing his Junior year, the elder brother dropped out of Jennings County High School. He joined the Army.

After basic training, he was sent to the Patriot Academy to finish high school, only six miles from Jennings, and the school from which he should have graduated.

DSC_6473Prior to his arrival at the Academy, the younger brother had joined the Eagle’s Nest One build team at Jennings. That was last September. What took place was one of those coveted “spark” stories – a case of the older brother following in the younger brother’s footsteps! Upon arriving at Patriot Academy, the older brother asked to join the Eagle’s Nest Two build group, on recommendation of his younger brother. On Saturday, the two met during an Eagle’s Nest One work session. The three year age difference meant nothing as questions flew – tools, techniques, and other topics kept them busy for about two hours.

They both got to look over the flying RV-12 as well. Then it was over. The older brother went back to the Academy in the Army van. The younger brother drove home … in his older brother’s car.

Each brother is gaining a great deal from helping build an Eagle’s Nest Project, and it will be something they will be able to discuss and share for years to come.

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