Meet a friend: David Valcik


David Valcik is with EAA chapter 1250 in Pottstown, PA. Pottstown was recently visited by the RV-1 (now being reverently called “THE ONE” by many Smile

David has shared many great photos from the event and took a moment to drop a note to about the day the RV-1 made its visit …

The Gathering of the RV’s at Heritage was amazing. As a first time builder and it doesn’t take long to identify the great people associated with VAN’s community. It seems any event that there are RV builders it will be a good one due to the people involved. As a new builder of a RV12, purchase at Oshkosh 2011,  it was a great opportunity to be a part of the group hosting the event. As Dave in the RV1 and Mitch in a RV10 arrived, the crowd got excited to greet the pilots and see up close the bird that started the RV community. Looking up close at the plane and hearing the history will be memorable, but once again it is the RV community and friends that gathered to make it a great event.

David Valcik, EAA 1250

David even happened to capture a video of the RV-1 on it’s way to it’s next stop on the tour. Thanks David for sharing you photos and video !

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